The Vinyl Open Air is the most affordable model in the Vinyl series, although numerous features are already included. The articulator scan is, of course, possible at no additional costs. The secondDie scanning strategy and both the monochrome and the color texture scan can also be used by default. The Vinyl Open Air is therefore equipped with features that allow a large number of applications to be scanned without any difficulties.

In addition to the basic configuration, it is up to the user to decide which modules are to be purchased at a later date. With modules such as the Triple Tray® impression scan and multiDie, the spectrum of options can be expanded quickly and easily.

Like all devices in the Vinyl series, the Vinyl Open Air also impresses by its easy handling. It is equipped with an innovative touch display, which increases the user’s operating comfort and accelerates the working speed by shortening the work paths. The innovative Z-axis automatically moves the object to be scanned to the correct height, so that the user only has to intervene in the scanning process in rare exceptional cases.

The Vinyl Open Air impresses with its easy handling and robust construction at a moderate entry-level price. Depending on the requirements of the laboratory, further functions can be easily retrofitted.
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