Owing to its repeat accuracy of up to 4 µm according to DIN ISO 12836, the Vinyl HR is ideally suited for all common indications in dental technology. Its sensor unit, advanced with a modern high-performance camera and Blue-Light LED, is state-of-the-art. Thus the Vinyl HR combines unsurpassed global and detail accuracy.
Unique is that the user can influence the scanning quality himself by activating and deactivating the high-resolution mode. Depending on the application, the user can decide whether high-precision detail accuracy and thus a higher data density is required, or whether a higher speed with a lower level of detail is sufficient. However, the Vinyl HR is also predestined for large-span implant work or complex bar constructions, as the global accuracy is excellent even when the HR mode is deactivated and does not need to shy away from any comparison.
The scope of delivery of the Vinyl High Resolution includes all modules without additional costs for the laboratory. This allows the user to choose between various project-related features. In addition to the condyle-related articulator scan, the multiDie, Triple Tray® and secondDie scan options can also be selected. Furthermore, one can decide whether the models should be captured in monochrome or in colour.
The innovative Z-axis automatically moves the scan-object to the correct height, so that the user only has to intervene in the scanning process in rare exceptional cases. The status display at the bottom of the Z-axis also indicates whether the device is ready for operation or whether a prompt needs to be confirmed.
But not only the scan results are formidable. Like the Vinyl, the Vinyl HR also impresses by its innovative housing design. In 2018, the Vinyl series won the popular Red Dot Design Award. “The 3D scanner Vinyl inspires with its high-contrast interplay of colours, materials and surfaces, which make it a real eye-catcher!” was the conclusion of the jury consisting of 20 international experts.
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