Technical information:
height 270 mm
width 355 mm
length 580 mm
empty appliance weight approximately 30 kg
voltage 230 V, 50/60 Hz
power consumption 420 W / h, standby 15 W / h
noise level: 60 dB
integrated dry air compressor, oil-free: 3 m3 / h
disinfectant container: 5 l
allowed disinfectants: all certified disinfectants for foggers
consumption of disinfectant fluid: 600-3000 ml / h (corresponds to an average of 8 ml / m3)
60 ° movable nozzle for optimum setting of spray direction
touch screen
measuring of disinfectant level
programmable timer
4 different programs ( Manual setting, Automatic cycle, Step mode and Expert Program, where all the parameters are set manually)
recording operation for up to 150 cycles
an acoustic signal for the progression and end of a cycle, that signalize danger of disinfectant in the air