The LMP-100v3 is suitable for printing all metals, including reactive ones, and has the following advantages:

⇰ User-friendly components allow for easy and quick control.
⇰ The intuitive touchcreen always provides all the necessary information for complete control.
⇰ The built-in camera enables full monitoring of the process. Control the process wherever you have internet access.
⇰ A closed recycling system (handling powder in a protective atmosphere even after work is completed) ensures the safest and most reliable operation and maintains the highest powder quality since it does not come into contact with air. This results in a powder utilization rate of up to 95%.
⇰ Cartridge replacement.system for powder.
⇰ Cartridge system for changing the working area size. It allows for customization and work even on the most expensive materials.

-Remote control, which can be performed by Dentas experts, provides immediate support and intervention in case of any errors.

Technical specifications:

Materials: Titanium and aluminum alloys, medical and tool steel, nickel alloys, bronze, gold, silver – all metals available in powder form for printing.
Build chamber volume: From ø 50 x 100 mm to ø 100 x 100 mm.
Layer thickness: 15-100 µm, individually adjustable.
Laser source: 200 W Yb – fiber laser.
Optical system: F-theta lens.
Scanning speed: 7 m/s.
Power supply: 230 V / 8 A / 50-60 Hz.
Power consumption: 2 kW/h.
Focus point: 50 µm.
Protective gas: Argon, nitrogen.
O₂ concentration: ≤ 100 ppm (0.01%).
Dimensions: 1590 x 605 x 620 mm.
Weight: 250 kg.