Short overview

In 2018 we developed a printer for oxygen-reactive metals; with our idea, we applied for a call of Slovenian Ministry of Economy and Development and the EU for R&D projects, that comply to the European TRL scale and are developed including rank 5. We applied for non-refundable funds of almost 200.000 Euro and were granted all. We presented the prototype on the IDS show 2019 (the biggest and most important dental show in the world, held biannually).
On top of it, we produce four different Arrow CAD/CAM milling machines, Sirio, Smart, Beluga, and Dry Mill for small, medium and large-sized laboratories, with capacity from 6 to 18 tools. These machines are irreplaceable in the processing of zirconium and other materials, which, for now, can’t be printed in a satisfactory quality.
There are four different Arrow furnaces for sintering and thermal stabilization as well as some other appliances to round up our product range for dental laboratories.
Lately, in the difficult times, the world is facing due to SARS-CoV2 pandemic, we put all our efforts to help fight it. We developed a fogger for fine dry mist, Arrow Smart Protection. It disinfects rooms and surfaces on an environmentally friendly way, fully automatically.

Structure and mission

The programme, which we have outlined, has enormous potential in the global market. The growth is already huge, we’re certain, that the additive technology will supersede all others when producing special, individualized, complicated or elaborated structures in all kinds of industry. Besides dental and general medicine (individualized bone implants, frames for stem-cells development) imagine tool manufacturing, jewellery, armoury, aviation, and similar.

Personal engagement

All of Dentas’ personnel is highly motivated mostly with our production process; we’re all thrilled with novelties, especially, when they’re a product of our own R&D. And then, when they are satisfying, or even surprise with their outstanding quality … A team of great colleagues who achieve great accomplishments together.

Midhat Selimović, founder and owner of company Dentas

Stanko Šale, doctor of dental surgery, CEO

Boštjan Lorbek, MSc mechatronics engineer, head of production

Sabina Kuri, account manager

Blaženka Selimović, sales domestic market

Bojan Tarandek, assembly technician

Miran Golenko, CNC operator specialist